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give me your heart back, give it back now
piece me back together, you're the only one that knows how. ~jessica, 16, ny

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TW 30 Day Challenge Day 14: Favorite GIF of The Wanted?

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 13: Favorite GIF of Max George?

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 12: Favorite GIF of Nathan Sykes?


TW 30 Day Challenge Day 11: Favorite GIF of Jay McGuiness?

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 10: Favorite GIF of Siva Kaneswaran?

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 9: Favorite GIF of Tom Parker?

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 8: What’s your favorite Tumblr pic that The Wanted have posted?

(changed from Twitter to Tumblr for my reasons)

This one is nice. :D

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 7: Favorite Wanted Wednesday Flip/Clip?

All of The Wanted on The Wanted videos. I mean, they are hilarious and you learn so much about their personality.

If you wanted me to choose out of those, probably Max on Nathan parts one and two, the one where they’re in the park acting like dogs for the first minute. XD

Tw 30 Day Challenge Day 6: Favorite Music Video

It’s “Gold Forever” because they all act crazy and are just themselves. It’s a video that makes me laugh, which is always a plus.

"Lightning" and "Lose My Mind" are really great too. "Heart Vacancy" is good too, but I can’t seem to figure out the storyline… XD

TW 30 Day Challenge Day 5: Of all their songs, which one do you relate to the most?

Probably “Gold Forever” because I’ve had some really great moments, and this song just describes them perfectly. Those days will be golden in my mind. And I guess on the night of the day “Invincible” would work too.